Our Mission

To Help Is To Heal

Our mission is to heal the minds, bodies, and spirits of people and to offer the highest grade medical cannabis to patients seeking a reliable and trustworthy resource for all their medical marijuana needs.

Our Approach

Excellence Is The Only Option

With years of experience in client management and product development as well as expertise in medical marijuana cultivation, we aspire to always be ahead of the curve in customer service and quality flowers and products. With in-house cultivation, we oversee our flower growth with a keen attention to detail ensuring the purest herb possible without use of pesticides. Our unique product line proves our out of the box thinking when it comes to brand marketing and creation. Each product is carefully manufactured and packaged to ensure client satisfaction.

Our Story

We Are All Family

The Madd Reefer Family has a history of being innovative and creative. We love to help people in their journey of life and hope to see all achieve complete happiness and healing. We feel marijuana is a natural God-given herb that has supreme healing properties that when used appropriately can offer great health benefits to those suffering from an assortment of medical conditions.

Our Philosophy

Growing Together Is Happiness

We operate from an abundance mindset with the belief that there is more than enough opportunity for all people. We are excited to launch the Madd Reefer brand to shine light on the endless possibilities of healing through natural methods. We do not advocate pharmaceutical drugs, but rather believe that patients can achieve ultimate healing through earth flowers and herbs.